We are a company stationed in Stockholm.

We work with everything in foliation like cut-out text, pictures, decors, logos, Sun film and security film.

GrafiskMedia STHLM AB is a company with broad knowledge.

We provide design and manufacture of vinyl decors for vehicles, boats and interiors, etc.

We make sure that your company, your store, your property is protected against vandalism and burglary with security film.

We also make sure that your indoor climate is comfortable with the highest quality sun film.

We are experienced, detailed, flexible and above all professional.

The projects we assume, we put our soul in, precisely so that you as a customer feel secure with us.

We focus, create, design, profile and deliver.

All vinyl, Sun film or safety film is of the highest quality, safety classified and EU approved.

”If you want it, work for it.

It’s that simple.”


We are committed to maintaining our most valued values in every project.

Our ambition is to develop and renew our knowledge base continuously.
This means that we see the future as a great opportunity to broaden our production with new materials, as well as the opportunity to offer our customers a company with leading product development.