GrafiskMedia Sthlm AB offers a wide range of different services.

We are constantly under development where we prioritize knowledge with quality. This means that we are constantly at the forefront of what can be offered on the Swedish market.


Self-adhesive cut-out vinyl is still the best and most professional way to make your business appear.

Thanks to the fact that new materials are produced all the time, the possibilities are endless. You can select vinyls in specific color or we will print out the right color for your purpose.

We tailor solutions completely to your requirements for materials, design and function.


CoverStyl – Now finally in Sweden.

We are pleased to offer you as a customer the opportunity to upgrade your office, reception, furniture, hotel room or conference room etc.

There are over 650 different variants to choose from. All with a quality of the highest class.

Please read more about CoverStyl and what it can do for you.



We can print on the most commonly used materials.
We are developing, for example,
· Banners
· Rollups
· Posters
· Photo Wallpapers
· All types of wall printing
We also have the opportunity to produce brass, copper and chrome in all different shades.


We offer both store and property owners increased security against vandalism and burglary.

The film is mounted on the inside of windows, doors, entrances, etc., or both on the outside and inside for extremely heavy protection.

If the glass is crushed, the film retains most of the glass splittret

It minimizes the destruction of interior design and goods. After-cleaning is fast and cost-effective.

The film is available as translucent or tinted.

The film also provides effective sun and UV protection. It blocks up to 98% of UV light.


With a solar film, a very environmentally friendly method can improve the indoor climate.

The solar film reduces solar heat as a passive cooling system.

You can increase the indoor pool in more ways:
· Lowering the temperature indoors
· Reduce reflexes on computer/TV screens
· Remove Glare
· Solar Film reduces solar energy exposure between 50-90%
· And blocks the UV light up to 98%

All Solar Film has effective protection against UV radiation.

This means increased life span of carpets, curtains, clothing and all types of textiles and other fittings and fittings.

All Our solar film is scratch protected, which makes it durable for window washing.