Coverstyl gives you over 650 possibilities to renovate or renew walls or furniture.

Discover the endless possibilities that Coverstyl gives you.
Only your imagination sets the limits.


GrafiskMedia STHLM AB can, as the company in Stockholm, offer a new revolutionary novelty on the market.

CoverStyl is a material designed to renew, renovate or visually have the opportunity to replace, when you want to change. Everything with the environment in focus, because it has a lower resource consumption than new production or regular recycling.

The embossed patterns recreate a genuine and realistic feeling. From 200-350 μ thick for a genuine result that can last longer than classic solutions.

This solution is not only for flat surface installation, you can stretch the material up to 200% to be adjusted to the most surfaces, such as tea tables, cupboards, wardrobes etc.

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CoverStyl gives you a saving of between 40-70% compared to traditional renovation with the same visual results.


An option in our assortment.
There are a variety of colors in glossy or matte finish.

Thanks to the endless possibilities, only the imagination sets limits.

Several hotels, restaurants, institutions and the like, have embraced the new trend. It is faster, simpler and not least economically advantageous.

With foliation you get not only the opportunity to make a cheaper renovation of already existing things, but the chance to put a personal touch.

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